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Friday, September 10, 2010

So yah...bussers and former bussers...

If you've ever been a busser, I'd like to hear some storys. Good, bad, doesn't matter. I just want to know that the bussing job that I had like three years ago wasn't a unique experience...a bad one. INFORM ME!!

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  1. I was a dishwasher/busser for about 6 months. It was a bunch of horseshit.
    You're not alone in that, most of those jobs are only there as stepping stones for people with no cooking experience so they can look into a job on the line/steamer/grill or whatever the fuck equipment they use at that restaraunt.

    Or retards. If you've been working as a busboy/dishwasher for more than 2 years at one place, chances are either they fucking hate you, or you're retarded.

    My advice to a busser/dishwasher, is you want it, is to not keep your head down, do that shit well and show interest in getting into the actual cooking. Or if you're a faggot you can be a waiter I guess lol.

    Following your blog bro, showing my support daily hope you'll do the same!